Friday, February 02, 2007

Windows Vista? - Hasta la Vista, Microsoft!

Microsoft lists 100 Reasons why you'll Be Speechless if you try Windows Vista. I don't know about that. Here is my one reason why I will not try Vista. My Mac OS X/ XP/ Win2k are running just fine, thanks!

And what will it take to run Vista on my desktop with 333 MHz celeron that is still running win2k just fine. My kids play games on that and its still decent in getting my work done - browsing and doc. And I most of the time, I use that desktop only to scan stuff (the scanner has drives only for win2k!)

That too with kids playing more on dedicated gaming devices(gameboys, game cubes, Wiis, PS-x - does anyone play on the PC anymore), we need not play on PCs. And that too kids play more browser based games.

I have heard good things about the Vista UI - but you need processor power for it. I also hear that the BSoD has been upgraded to RSoD!!!

And if you use Firefox and proxomitron like me, you will stay bug free. I don't even have anti-virus on any of my machines(*and* my kids don't have admin rights!)

So thank you Microsoft! I will keep my dollars.

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