Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good-bye Verizon

I used to be a customer of Verizon using all their services - mobile and FIOS triple bundle of broadband, TV and phone. As the Verizon bill kept creeping up, I decided to take a hard look. First I switched my mobile usage to Sprint. But I must admit that I had very little trouble with Verizon network. My decision was purely from cost factor.

As I kept seeing flyers offering Verizon bundle at much lower price for new customers, I called Verizon to see if they can lower my bill for the FIOS bundle. Also I realized that they sneaked in some package of premium channels that I wasn't using. They looked at all my options and recommended the same package for a higher price! I am sure reps around the person making the recommendation were cracking up. I ended the call promising them that I will be leaving Verizon.

After sitting on it for a few months, I switched my landline out of Verizon and cancelled the TV service. I went cold turkey on cable. Life is still the same for me. Now I am paying $75 for a 15mb broadband connection! Can you believe that? I will soon be switching out that too. If I sign up for a one year contract with Verizon, they would offer this at  $54 a month. I find that also too high for a broadband service.

And now the calls from Verizon started. First they called me to tell me that they value me as a long time customer. I told them that if they really valued my business, they would have done something about it when I complained. I even told them before that if I cancel and come back, I would be paying half the price. That went unnoticed. I think its the same with all providers now. They keep charging more and more. So you save only if you promptly switch out when your contract is over.

Today Verizon again called and this is how the conversation went.

Verizon: We are calling to offer you the best price and to make sure that you are getting all the discounts.
Me: Wonderful.
Verizon: Can I record this call?
Me: Sure.
Verizon: We want to make sure you are getting the best prices.
Me: I am glad.
Verizon: Is your phone number this?(the same number he called).
Me: Yes.
Verizon: Give me 10 seconds to pull up your information.
Me: No problem.
Verizon: (with puzzled expression). Did you recently make any changes to your account.
Me: Yes.
Verizon: Do you no longer use Verizon? (wonder what kind of system they have in place)
Me: I cancelled the phone and TV services. I am right now enjoying your expensive broadband and I will be switching out that too.
Verizon: (completely ignores my comment). Thats why nothing comes up on my screen. You will have to call our main customer number. (For what? He is the one who called me)
Me: As I have you on the phone, can you offer me anything for your expensive net connection?
Verizon: Sorry - you will have to call our main number.
Me: So - can I say you did not answer my questions and did not offer anything to improve my bill?
Verizon: Please call our main number. I can not access your account.

Now - you would think the geniuses in Verizon would look into your account before calling you!!! I wonder who is in charge and what kind of systems/processes they have in place. I also wonder what kind of notification/alert/picking system they have in place that made this guy call me in the first place. Amazing.

I have repeatedly told them that I will switch out and that gets completely ignored. When you enjoy a monopoly, you don't care. Its sad that there is no other choice apart from Comcast and Verizon for broadband. And from what I hear from people using these companies, they both suck in customer service.

Here are some tips.

1. Do not use any service with your internet provider that will hold you back with them. Do not use their email. Period.  Switch to a web based email like gmail/hotmail/yahoo immediately.
2. As soon as your contract is over, switch out to the other provider if they can not offer the service at the same price range. Switch out and save.

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