Thursday, August 24, 2006

Solar system downsized!

Solar system is catching on the need to compete by slimming down the organization. The board of Solar System Inc has announced that they are letting go one of their personnel of planetary proportions! According to this new Sarbanes Oxley, Pluto did not conform his path and neighborhood to the regulation(new I may add). And lost his planethood. So head on over to this site and enjoy his status till BBC conforms to the new board! Oh boy, he did have a wacky orbit.

But worry no more. Help is on the way. The board is interviewing a few candidates and we might have a bloated company pretty soon. Possibly as many as 12 planets! Yeah!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mutating Windows!

Please don't bother updating your windows. It will do it itself. Now the thing is mutated to a stage where you can not update it manually. These are the steps I had to go thru today.

1. Noticed that my XP setup asked me to reboot as it installed an update.
2. When I restarted, I did a Microsoft update. It came up with a big list.(Wait - didn't they roll out, like 30 updates, yesterday?). I opted for download and install.
3. It downloaded all but installation failed.
4. It said another install is in progress(WTF)
5. After a while the dreaded yellow shield appeared in the tray thingy and prompted for express install. I said yes(do I have a choice at this stage?)
6. It started installing.
7. Rebooted and all is well(till tomorrow I think)

The same thing happened in another XP installation(from step 2 onwards). May be this is the right time to pass a law barring Microsoft from getting into genetic engineering. Hope it's not too late!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Click Monkeys!

There is a running joke in our office about click monkeys - you must have experienced the same - if you are demoing/driving the keyboard in a conference room, pretty soon everyone turns you into a click monkey! I was reading an article on slashdot about click fraud prevention by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and saw this site in one of the comments.

Click Monkeys!

This is absolutely hilarious. Check out the giant tanker ship click farm! The site claims that they have a huge ship just off U.S. waters near San Francisco with over - get this - 20,000 click monkeys.

It gets better. Each monkey has 3 computers that cycle thru a bunch of connections thru different ISPs. So the sites see clicks coming from different IPs. If you were to believe the site, its not illegal. Because they are outside the US. How do you use an American ISP and make this legal? The site says the computers will cycle connections thru AOL, Earthlink, PacBell, Verizon and FibbleNet.

Anyway - we had a good laugh. And some of us are applying. Do you have a monkey in you? And can it click??


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